Therapeutic, transformational retreat

A relaxed therapeutic place to retreat, where transformation takes place.


Transformational theraputic Retreats.

I run theraputic, transformational retreats in East Yorkshire and Derbyshire, it’s the place to visit when you don’t know what to do next…..

A theraputic retreat is somewhere to come when everything falls apart and you don’t know how to go forward or maybe you just need a well deserved rest and permission to relax. There is support for you here.

The retreat can last a day, 2 days or a week… prices on application.

Therapies available:

NLP coaching
Coaching and walking
Coaching break through sessions culminating with a board break
Guided walks
Voice coaching
Cranial Sacral Osteopathy
Reiki healing

The accomodation is beautiful and may be in either Derbyshire or East Yorkshire. In Derbyshire you would have your own bedroom and bathroom in an old stone cottage and in Yorkshire, the surroundings are more contempory but again you would have your own space and in both places all meals are provided.

Each and every day YOU decide what happens. You can have therapeutic sessions to help you find your way through and around whatever is happening in your life, or you can walk, read or decide to nothing at all… the choice is yours…

A friend of mine recently described his life in metaphor.. my life is a river, meandering through mountains, being joined by small streams of like minded people, being strengthened by friends and those I care about, and as a stream I find my way around each obstacle, some large and some small and all helping me to develop both mentally and physically…. Can you see yourself at Bramwell Retreat, exploring your metaphors, your concerns, your future, would it feel ok to give yourself some space to find new ways of being in your ever changing world?

Please email me with your questions and requests and put Retreat in the subject line, thank you.

These are testimonials from recent clients who have been on retreat with me:

“Thanks again for all your time, patience and help. I found the visualisation techniques quite challenging, something very new to me, but surprisingly powerful and enlightening. It was clear to me that you are extremely experienced and very good at your work, indeed the way you work requires a great deal of trust on your client’s part and to elicit that trust from me in such a short space of time demonstrates your skill. I feel much more positive about lots of things now than I did prior to meeting you. Your cottage, the location in Derbyshire and the river walks are also lovely, it was just what I needed.” Suzanne

“Thank you for all the work yesterday. It is hard the road you are helping me tread. So THANK YOU and much praise for you and you patience, help and wise words.” Pat

“I have tears as I write this because I have felt your love and understanding. No one else has.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words can’t say how I feel. Thank you.”  Sarah

“Thanks again for your support and care during my stay in Bishop Burton and for your ongoing support.  Something’s definitely changed in how I’m seeing things, you are such a beautiful person …. I can’t believe I found you” Maria